From time to time I find myself developing tools, some of them more useful than others. To date, I published one tool and adopted another one:

  • dashing-icinga2 [ mocdaniel/dashing-icinga2 | dbodky/dashing-icinga2]

    Initially developed by Michael Friedrich I adopted the repository in June 2020 and did some bug fixing since (Ruby is not my strongest suit).

    dashing-icinga2 provides a neat way of aggregating and displaying monitoring insights from Icinga2 in a Web-UI utilizing Ruby’s Dashing gem and Icinga2’s API. Its biggest advantage is its high customizability - given that you know a bit of Ruby. 😉

  • docker-cqpweb [ mocdaniel/docker-cqpweb | dbodky/cqpweb]

    CQPWeb is a web frontend for the so-called CorpusWorkBench (CWB), a tool for indexing and querying large collections of texts by linguistic criteria.

    I created this container as a practical course assignment because setting up CQPWeb can be a bit of a hassle due to needed PHP, apache and MySQL/PostgresQL settings. The result is a fully functional all-in-one container, allowing students and researchers to query their collections within a few minutes after pulling the image.